Thursday, 26 June 2014

HI everyone:)
its me again i want to show you my poems i have 
been writing so here's some poem's i


The rain bangs and clashes as it hits the ground,
The trees bend and wave as the wind pushes it side to side,
The fog and mist cover the ground like a huge shadow,
your body shakes and quivers as the temperature
drops in a second,
Cars and trucks beep and squeak as they come past
The day darkens as the thunder comes down...#

Full of different colours that look fady, 
the world lights up like a fantasy,
The children run out to see,
The wonderful-y colourful glow,
Of the mystical rainbow,
It's color's are perfectly combine
,and is incredibly devine,
Some people say there
was a treasure,
But  now i know that the rainbow 
is the treasure that we will cherish forever..


The vivid sky full of bright colours spread across the 
The animals slowly begin to build their strength,
the baby animals  scream and yell,
The trees and flowers stretch out and shine with 
power while the flowers blossom into imaginary colour's,
The children yell and make noises trying to make an orcastra,
the world smiles for what they have each day
of SPRING!!!#

Well finished hope you liked it :) :)


  1. Thanks for sharing these great poems Utu. Keep writing them, you are a talented poet:)