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Have you ever seen or been to france and seen their many attractions
well no need i will take you for a tour of france and their many unique ways they live and eat
 hope you enjoy!!!
Here are a few popular attractions in all of France.

Versailles: castle of french king,
Lasceaux caves for 17,000 years old rock painting
Cote d azur for turquoise blue sea and great beaches
Corsica: in the mediterranean sea
French Alps:great skiing and snowboarding,
Mont st.michel:island with high tide,
Provence for lavender fields and old historic towns like avignon
Paris Eiffel tower,Notre Dame, Louvre montmartre,Arcde triomphe
River seine and many more.


French language facts…

French is the official language in France and it is also the second major language in Europe.
The romanic language comes from Latin and is today the second most studied language after english and spoken by more than 300 million people around the world as first or second.

Famous french people

Gustave Eiffel :  {1832-1923}
the famous french engineer who built the Eiffel tower and
also, designed the statue of liberty which stands in New york harbour,
France is famous for the Beaux-art ,the many great painters,
sculptors .French painters are Claude monet,Pierre-auguste
renoir,Edgar Degas,Paul cezanne. Auguste Rodin is
certainly one of the most famous french sculptors

Pierre Curie [academic,physicist,chemist,scientist,]
Jaques Marguette [explorer]
Alfred sisley [painter]
Claudine longet [singer, television,actress]
and many more.

#French foods.

In France they eat snails {les escargots}

frog legs {les cuisses degrenouille }

and horse meat {laviande de cheval}

Offically , it is said that France produces 365 different cheeses for each day of  the week and more.
The french people call the english people les rosbifs meaning the roast beefs because the french people don’t really like the english.

La ratatouille is a vegetable stew from the area of Nice in south
of France. The stew contains au begines, courgettes, tomatoes
,onions, peppers,herbs,and garlic.
La quiche is a savoury tart,it is a pastry base filled with a creamy egg mixture.Various ingredients can be added
for example cubed bacon,onion,cheese,tomatoes

The most popular french bread is La baguetta [little stick]
it is a loaf 5-6 cm wide and up to a metre in length
in its thinner version
There are quite a few but very popular cities in France but here are the main ones right now..
just click on the link and it will show you it.

Extra facts
A person who speaks fluently french is called
a Francophone.
The  french flag is a drapeau tricolore,a three coloured flag.The blue color is identified with saint Martin
,white an ancient french color and the red is identified with saint Denis
Did you know that the famous fairy tales, puss in boots,
sleeping beauty,Cinderella ,and little red riding hood
were all written by a frenchman
named Charles perrault credited with a literary genres
of fairytales.  
The official name of France is The French Republic and its motto is Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

Paris the capital was originaly named Putetia, Until 1993 Parents have had to choose a name for their child from an official list if the name does not meet certain       
then a public prosecutor can rejects his/hers names.
Apart from France, French is the official language of the following countries -
Benin; Burkina Faso; Central African Republic; Congo; French Caledonia; French Guiana; French Polynesia; Gabon; Guadaloupe; Guinea; Ivory Coast; Luxembourg; Mali; Martinique; Monaco; Niger; Senegal; Togo; the Canadian province of Quebec; the Swiss districts of Vaud, Neuchatel, Geneva and Jura.
The French national anthem is called La Marseillaise. It was composed by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle in 1792.   It is called La Marseillaise because it was first sung by soldiers from the city of Marseille as they marched into Paris.
  Some of the most famous and valuable works of art are exhibited in Le Musée du Louvre.  The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is kept there.  It is owned by the French Government and was valued at 700 million dollars in 2009.  It was bought by French King Francis I in 1519.  In France, the Mona Lisa is called La Joconde.
La Joconde
.  There is a story that the word 'marmalade' comes from the French words 'Marie est malade' (Mary is ill).  Whenever Mary Queen of Scots was unwell, she liked to eat orange jam to make her feel better.

Well hope you have enjoyed and like FRANCE says

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